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Bare more of your body by wearing small bikinis this summer. It takes a lot of confidence and hard work to pull off wearing a small bikini in public but if you have the body and the right kind of micro bikini to flaunt your assets, then you are good to go. If you’re like me, then you hate tan lines which is why I always wear this type of swimwear when catching some rays at the beach. If you’re new to wearing small bikinis, make sure you cover up all your bare skin with a high SPF sunblock for the first few sun sessions as your newly exposed skin is not used to seeing sun light and will burn a lot quicker than the rest of your body which is quite painful. Lastly, lets not forget about keeping yourself groomed in your nether region. A brazilian bikini wax or a good close shaving can do wonders for your appearance down there.

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Here are just a few steps on how to choose the right kind of small bikini for you.

Determine your body type
If you are one who is gifted with a perfect hourglass shape, then most swimsuit styles and designs will look good on you. However, if you have assets you’d rather flaunt as well as some flaws that you want to hide, then you have to know how to do so with the right kind of micro swimwear. Women with small busts can amp up their cleavage with tiny triangle tops that can be padded or underwired to help lift and enhance breast size. On the other hand, top-heavy women should stay away from teeny-weeny bikini tops and go for those that offer full support and flattering coverage. Narrow-waisted women can go for teeny bottoms that have a lot of detail on the hips and waist area. Those with big hips and behinds can opt for darker-hued lower garments.

In the example pictures below, the girl on the left has that all over tan because she wears tiny swimwear when tanning where as the girl on the right has tan lines from a much larger bikini bottom.

small bikinis small bikini

Think of what you will be doing
Not all teensy weensy swimsuits though are good for all summer activities. If you plan to do summer sports such as volleyball or surfing, a tiny bikini may not hold well with excessive movement. However, if you just plan to lie around and look pretty on the sand or by the pool, then by all means wear that itty-bitty bathing suit.

Consider where you will be going
Some public beaches and resorts may have strict rules regarding swimming attire. Check first with administration or even with lifeguards if your teeny pieces are okay or are best reserved for more private places and events.

Be prepared physically
Of course, you should also prep your body so that you will fit into that swimsuit perfectly. Sticking to a healthy diet and an intensive exercise regimen can help tone your body so that you can strut your stuff on the sand in style. Exfoliating and applying sunscreen or sun tan can also help prepare your skin to glow in the sun this summer.

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