Small Bikini Tops

Stand tall and proud by wearing small bikini tops this summer. Though regular two-piece items certainly allow movement and exposure of one’s body, smaller versions will definitely flatter and showcase all of your assets. Bikini tops in smaller sizes can enhance the bust area of the wearer, regardless of her body type. Here are just a few styles of tiny swimsuit tops to choose from.


Triangle tops are perfect for women who are gifted with the perfect hourglass silhouette. However, this type of upper garment works best for women who have smaller frames. Not only will tiny swatches of cloth expose more of the shoulders and chest area, but the smaller triangles also expose more of the busts, giving the illusion of having a fuller top.


Halter-style upper garments work best for bust-heavy women by providing enough support. However, mini versions of these can also make one appear sexier and more stunning. If you want to emphasize your large rack, then by all means get a teeny halter beachwear to flaunt it.


Women who do not like the pesky tanlines that stringed upper garments leave can opt for bandeaus. These soft but firm bands of cloth provide support and beautifully enhance moderately sized busts, but will not work well with top-heavy women. Tinier versions however, will definitely have observers’ eyes popping out of their heads when seeing narrower than normal bands encase your bust.

Different fabrics

Small swimsuits can also come in varying designs and fabrics. Each type of cloth or fabric that makes up different swimsuits can limit or allow wearers to do activities at the beach or by the pool. Here are just a few of the common kinds of fabrics that small swimwear pieces can be made from.

Nylon and spandex are the most common types of fabrics used in swimwear. Teeny bathing suits made out of these fabrics can be worn even when swimming because these perform well even when wet. Spandex and nylon also move well along with the body, making it also suitable for wear when playing sports such as beach volleyball and even surfing.

Those in sheer material are for the more daring women who want to scintillate observers. These swimwear turn transparent when lights hits it at a certain angle or when it gets wet.

For women who want to get an even tan even in their intimate parts, sexy numbers in tan-through fabrics are their best bet.